It’s free for event organizers!
Pass on the fees, pay nothing!
When you sell tickets using Linkry Events, you pass on the fees to the buyers.

Platform & Service Fee
1.3 % + $ 0.99
per ticket sold
Linkry Events Platform & Service Fee includes
all of our features + 24/7 support
by phone and email
Payment Processing Fee
2.9 % + $ 0.30
of ticket price
Use Linkry Events Payment
Processing to accept American Express,
Visa, Mastercard, and Discover cards.

Here are our available Add-ons

Data assistance / Entry

Our Linkry Events Specialist will guide you on the best practices for your event and assist you in entering your data into the platform (assistance by phone or email).

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On-site support

An assistant will help you manage the platform and setup everything on-site. Does not include travel, catering or accomodation expenses necessary for the mission.

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Ticketing and online payment

With the Ticketing and Online Payment Module, you can easily manage your attendance by offering multiple ticket types with different quantities and prices, as well as collecting payment for ticket sales. Moreover …

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The Linkry Events platform enables advertisers and sponsors to connect with event audiences in a brand new way. Because we believe in the power of ...

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Lead generation

The lead Generation Module allows you to turn your event into a more effective lead generation hub, giving your exhibitors a reason to come back in the next editions …

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Engagement bot

The Engagement Bot is a tool that allows you to drive attendees’ involvement during your event. Acting as a virtual, real-time assistant for your event, the Engagement Bot will understand your

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