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Our Story
What started off as a networking application for professionals, quickly grew to become an experience-enhancing, intelligent all-in-one platform for event organizers. Linkry Events was originally developed as a Tinder-like networking app for professionals. It would reveal nearby users to connect and chat with directly from the app based on multiple pre-determined criteria. Later on, Ahmed Zrikem, our CEO, decided to make a major pivot to the event industry by dedicating Linkry Events entirely to event management. Events and conferences have the highest density of professionals per meter square, the decision was the logical choice to maximize impact. Gradually, the platform grew to include multiple cutting edge, Ai-powered components that revolutionize the events industry.
About Linkry
Linkry isn’t just another event management platform. Our philosophy is:” If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” Inspired by memorable events and experiences, we take your events to the next level through digital transformation and cutting edge technology. Our Artificial Intelligence-powered platform helps event organizers make data-driven decisions, that way every other event will be better than the previous one thanks to a better learning curve with our Event Intelligence technology. We don’t like over-the-top, complicated pricing. We offer our products and services for an unbeatable pricing you won’t find anywhere else. We make each event a unique experience. Creating a customized platform dedicated for each one of your events.
How we work
We believe that our collaborative productivity is not about working longer or faster, it is about working smarter, and being comfortable in what we do. We guarantee an extraordinary atmosphere!

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